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Super speed and increased bandwidth with Unifi.
Unifi is one such service by Telekom Malaysia that offers internet access, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to all customers in Malaysia. The plans are customised to meet the needs of business and homeowners and bundled in a manner that is economical yet sufficient. What sets Unifi apart from other internet providers is its use of an optical fibre core network for enhanced speed.

CitySME Sdn Bhd, the #1 authorized internet service provider of TM (Unifi, Unifi Lite) started in 2010 with the dream of providing internet connectivity to all Malaysians. We sell internet connectivity services and products in a manner that is convenient for the masses. With our approach which emphasizes communication, CitySME has continued to grow, and became the top in the industry today.

Why Join Us?
1. Competitive CPA with up to 100% of commission with successful installation for the first month
2. High conversion rate: 50%
3. Top converting category: Internet Services
4. Average basket size: RM129

Offer General Information:

  • No conversion capping for this offer.
  • This offer accepts local traffic only.
  • You must only use creative material uploaded in InvolveAsia dashboard for this offer. Any self produced material should be approved in advance by The Advertiser.
  • Cookie Period: 30 days
  • List of Negative Keywords are available.
  • This offer is only applicable for new installation.
  • Customer will receive a call within 3 days to confirm on enquiry and arrange on installation.
  • After installation is done, only the transaction will be tracked.
  • Commissions will be rewarded one time upon successful activation and broadband setup installation completed.
  • All packages are tie to 24-months contract.
  • Internet plan is subject to the infra readiness and port availability.
  • Termination/cancellation of the plan within commitment period (24 months contract), customer will be charged subscription fee on the remaining contract months from TM.
  • All other terms and conditions for unifiHome Fiber Broadband shall continue to apply.
  • Documents required and installation must be submitted and completed within 30 days of submitting the enquiry.
  • Deals found outside of InvolveAsia, either from the retailer or from a third party, may not be eligible for commission from InvolveAsia.

1) User submit form through our offer site.
2) Within 3 days, you will receive a call to enquiry and arrange on installation.
3) After installation is done, only the transaction will be tracked.

Terms and Conditions

Please note the following restrictions:

InvolveAsia will not tolerate for any affiliates and it's conversion that come in as a result of non-compliance with the guidelines listed below. Violating affiliates will be blocked from InvolveAsia offers and their accounts will be subject to a formal audit which may result in account suspension or deactivation and payment forfeiture.

We highly recommend you read the guidelines outlined below and It is your sole responsibility to familiarize and comply these guidelines. Any dispute afterward will not be entertain. Should you need further clarity, do contact your Affiliate Manager.

* No usage of copyrighted videos on YouTube or any other video/streaming site.

* No Bot / Software Generated traffic of any kind.

* No Ad Ware / Spyware traffic allowed.

* No Misleading ads or creatives.

* No Substituted Search Engine Results Page.

* No Bundling of this offer with any other offers signup / installation process.

* Duplicate/invalid leads/installs/sales/conversions will be charged back at the end of the month.

* All rules stated under Offers General Information

Commission Structure
Default Commission
Based on value of internet plan
108% 100%
Last Updated 01 January 2022
Conversion Flow
Step 1
user click on your tracking link
Step 2
user fill in application form, successfully setup appointment
Step 3
user successful activated and broadband setup installation completed
Conversion Rate info
Average EPC info
RM 0.00
Approval Rate info
100 %
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