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Mittage Jewellery is a local brand in Taiwan who is well known for their sustainability handmade accessories. Mittag Jewelleyr provides the following 3 brand guarantees:

1."The product is not electroplated and does not pollute the environment"
In the article "A Taiwanese brand talking about environmental awareness". mittag silver mentions that the electroplating products are seriously harmful to the environment and water. Therefore, mittag silver provides "hand polishing" and "free lifetime maintenance" to replace the highly polluting environment of the electroplating process, to make sure the jewelry you buy is equally beautiful from the inside out.

2."Environmental friendly product packaging"
The mittag silver package is printed with soy ink, and plans to phase in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) packing in the future, so that it can be naturally decomposed by the environment or recycled again to achieve zero waste. In addition to allowing you to enjoy shopping but also meets your environment protection requirements.

3."Commodity recycling and remanufacturing"
mittag silver’s products such as 925 silver, 14K gold, etc. are labeled as it is. In order to protect the environment and promote circular economy, any product you buy at mittag silver can be recycled by mittag silver, and you can purchase your new mittag jewelry at a favorable price (detailed recycling discount plan please refer to the "purchase notice" in the official website), so that you can take action with mittag silver together to cherish resources and let this love cycle.


mittag jewelry成立於2012年,是由Made in Taiwan(台灣製造)的MIT縮寫與Tag(意同Brand,品牌之意)兩個英文的合併字,因為我們堅持與承諾mittag所有商品與其包裝皆全程台灣製造,同時也由衷的希望您能直覺簡單地記起這個來自台灣的品牌;因為我們跟您一樣熱愛著台灣這片土地與關心著這片土地上生活的人們。因此,經由手寫了上千個mittag,並由團隊反覆篩選出最適合的率性文字來做品牌Logo,希望能夠藉此注入工業機器大量生產所無法取代的職人設計與手作溫度的品牌風格。

mittag jewelry藉由設計並手工製作出許許多多發自內心悸動的商品,透過它們獨特的意涵,陪著您面對生活中許許多多的挑戰。mittagjewelry以「手工拋光」與「終身免費保養」來取代高汙染環境的電鍍製程,讓您購買的飾品從裡到外都是一樣地美麗動人。


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