Description is a travel website offering flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages to top destinations around the world. We are one of the oldest and most respected travel sites. has signed up with major airlines, hotels and car rental companies around the world, bringing value to customers and helping you in maximizing your earnings. Our portfolio of products contains amazing flight deals and 84,000 discount hotel rates.

Offer General Information:

    • Up to USD 24.50 commission per successful sales.
    • No conversion capping for this offer
    • This offer accepts Global traffic.
    • This offer accepts both desktop and mobile traffic.
    • You must only use creative material uploaded in InvolveAsia dashboard for this offer. Any self produced material should be approved in advance by The Advertiser.
    • Cookie Period: 90 days
    • Validation Period: 30 days
    • Payout Term: Net 90 days after guest check-out date
    • Promotion Method Allowed:
      • Display
      • Textlink
      • Social Media (Only on your own website social media page)
      • Email
      • Incentivised
      • Search (Non brand Bidding)
    • Promotion Method Not Allowed
      • Adult / Pornographic
      • Gambling
      • Violence
      • Brand Bidding
      • Toolbar
      • Popup, Popunder & Tabunder
      • Sub-Affiliate
    • Traffic Allowed:
      • Coupon Sites
      • Content Sites
      • Directory Site
      • Mobile Website
      • Push Notification
      • Aggregator and Comparison
      • Media Buying (No Direct Linking)
      • Blog
      • Cashback
      • Loyalty

Program highlight:

      • Multilingual content (40 languages) and currency conversion included
      • Guaranteed payments of all reservations
      • Real time reservation process with on-screen confirmation and direct email confirmation


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Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content
"" and/or any misspellings thereof

Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content
Affiliate agrees not to bid on and/or make use of the brand name in whole or in part or in any other form, shape and variation thereof whatsoever for Google, Yahoo and Bing Affiliate Pay per Click ("PPC") campaigns. This includes use of brand terms in affiliate ad copies and display URLs. Affiliate also agrees not to represent themselves as the official OneTravel website in any SEM ad campaigns anywhere.

Non-Commissionable Items
All sales under $20USD are considered non-commissionable

Terms and Conditions

Please note the following restrictions:

InvolveAsia will not tolerate for any affiliates and it's conversion that come in as a result of non-compliance with the guidelines listed below. Violating affiliates will be blocked from InvolveAsia offers and their accounts will be subject to a formal audit which may result in account suspension or deactivation and payment forfeiture.

We highly recommend you read the guidelines outlined below and It is your sole responsibility to familiarize and comply these guidelines. Any dispute afterward will not be entertain. Should you need further clarity, do contact your Affiliate Manager.

* No usage of copyrighted videos on YouTube or any other video/streaming site.

* No bidding on Brand name/Advertiser name keywords in AdWords/Bing/Yahoo/7Search or any other search engines (Brand Bidding).

* No Bot / Software Generated traffic of any kind.

* No Ad Ware / Spyware traffic allowed.

* No Misleading ads or creatives.

* No Substituted Search Engine Results Page.

* No Bundling of this offer with any other offers signup / installation process.

* Duplicate/invalid leads/installs/sales/conversions will be charged back at the end of the month.

* All rules stated under Offers General Information

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Commission Structure

  • USD5.00
    Air Ticket
  • USD5.00
    Air Ticket
  • USD3.50
  • USD3.50
  • USD10.00
  • USD10.00
  • USD3.50
  • USD3.50
  • USD17.50
  • USD17.50
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